About me

An AIIM Professional Member and information management professional with over 10 years experience in managing ECM projects across Asia and Middle-east region.

Having traveled and worked with various customers in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, UAE, Qatar, Oman and India, I am a global team player with a good understanding of cultural diversity, and with the ability to communicate well with different stakeholders, in particular with senior management.

My main strengths are my results-driven working attitude, my capability to adapt to new situations and to familiarize myself with new technology quickly, and being detail-oriented and resourceful while accomplishing my tasks. I try to learn something new from every experience as I believe there is always room for self-improvement, both personally and professionally.


- Enterprise Content Management Consulting
- IT Solutions and Services sales, business development and key account management.
- Strategic business planning, execution and management.
- All aspects of HR functions including resource planning and management, processes & policies formulation, career planning & development.

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